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15 times you realized being vegan didn’t suck

Veganism has been around for many years.

Ancient Indian and Eastern Mediterranean societies participate in lifestyle choices that abstain from all animal products. Even Pothagoras mentioned veganism in 500BC. Five centuries ago, African culture was largely dependent on the traditional diet of leaves, roots, oysters, corn, rhizomes, bulbs, seeds, buds, shoots, beans or edible flowers.

In Western society, veganism has only recently been caught. 2019 has been declared the Year of the Vegan, so here are 15 reasons why being a vegetarian is great.

Ben 1. Ben and Jerry have their own vegan flavors

A white man lying on a bed, licking two ice cream in his hands.

(Image description: A man lies on the bed, licking two ice cream in his hand.) Via GIPHY

Ben & Jerry’s just released 12 non-dairy flavors. Should we be excited?

I am too busy kneading almond milk in the knees to remember lovingly what we are talking about…

2. Apparently, it is now mainstream

The blonde boy looked at a white man and smiled

(Image description: Guy looks at a man and smiles) via GIPHY

Gone are the days when people just thought you were crazy.

Now, people think that you and all the hipsters are crazy. Now you can eat your plant-based food peacefully without explaining it; no, you don’t eat meat and, yes, you can eat chocolate too.

 3.… Although you still have to prepare the answers

A white girl in orange dress sat on the floor holding a black gun.

(Image description: In orange dress, a girl holding a black gun sits on the floor.) Via GIPY

People understand this concept, but not everyone lets it go. If you are trying to detract from your beliefs, then it is good to just highlight the facts.

4. Oreos are wagons.

Young white girl in yellow coat catches candy floss. She is smiling

(Image description: Young girl in yellow coat, trapped by a candy floss. She is smiling.) Demik via GIPHY

Yes. Yes. Yes.

5. Instagram is full of helpful pages with photos of helpful animals

The baby calf dances and plays happily on the field.

(Image description: A baby calf dances and happily plays on the field.) Via GIPY

Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than maim who claims that this calf is smiling because you chose not to eat it. After a few life-affirming posts you can move on to the rest of your day on the cloud.

6. Fake leather is much cheaper than real leather

A bald black man picked up a black woman's bracelet to examine it.

(Image description: AÂ man lifts a woman’s bracelet and inspects it.) Via GIPHY

Animals can be happy, planets can be happy, but what is most effective for us is seeing how happy our wallets are. There is more blood than fake leather.

7. KFC now has wagon options.

A white man came out of his office and followed a group of panicked employees.

(Image description: via GIPHY) A person comes out of his office and follows a panic group

Colonel, welcome aboard.

8. Pizza Hut and Pizza Express now do vegan cheese

A white man in gray suit rejoices.

(Image description: A man in gray suit holds his hand in the air celebrating.) Via GIPHY

Family dinners are now less bizarre because in the end there is anything you can eat – wherever you go.

9. No one expects you to be perfect.

A white man wearing a cowboy hat smiles in the sun.

(Image description: A cowboy hat smiles in the sun.) Via GIPHY

Let’s be honest, the people who eat meat were accusing you of ‘riding your high horse’ or two good shoes. With documentaries and content available, more and more people are learning about why people are vegan.

You can slip and not wrap it.

10. Netflix is ​​your back

A blue mermaid with a purple tail lies under the sea, watching Netflix off the laptop.

(Image description: A purple tail mermaid lying under the sea, watching the net from a laptop.) From Gapi

If you want to remind yourself why you passed on chocolate everywhere, you can also go to one of the Netflix documentaries. What is healthCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Artholes, And Shepherdess There are only three that will promote you once again in your mission.

11. Greta Thanberg

Two white men bow down in front of someone. One's blonde long hair is a baseball cap.

(Image description: Two people leaning in front of one. One has a long blonde, the other a black baseball cap.) Via GIPHI

Suddenly veganism seems more plausible when young people in Thunberg arrive on the streets. If she can do it, I can bleed!

12. Beyond Meat

A yellow bear binds its belly to its neck, and then happily raises its cutlery.

(Image description: The pooh-pooh tied a foot around his neck, and then happily raised his cutlery.) Via Gappy

This brand is revolutionary. Their burgers are sharp and fry, and like the real thing, ‘seemingly’ melts in your mouth. All I know is that they are the best goddamn wagon burgers I have ever tasted.

13. Benedict Cumberbatch was voted in favor of Peta’s most beautiful wagon.

A white man in a suit sits and talks to someone

(Image description: A man in a suit sits and talks to someone) via GIPY

Mmm. Not only do we feel good doing it, but we also get to see others who look good while doing it.

14. If you’re not quite ready to perform, there are hundreds of civilian challenges. Beyonce created one

A white man in a suit jumps from the bottom and claps

(Image description: A man in a soup jumps from top to bottom and claps) through GIPHY

Well, the Queen of Pop made her 22 Days of Vegan Challenge. Now you single women can put a fake chicken ‘wing’ on it (sorry)

15. Wagamama is crushing his wagon options

A white man on the top of a yellow polo neck comes down and says, yes.

(Image description: A man with a yellow polo neck comes down and says, “Yes.”) By GIPHY

This international brand is currently paired with Wagon Chef Yards Oakley Create a great new menu. With fake eggs made from coconut cream and Sriracha, the new dish is definitely a delight.

Whatever the reason that we are following veganism, we have our back in 2019. Anyone in the vegan ice cream party?

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